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Making Disciples is Not About You

By the time we open the store we meet new friends and one of them is Jay-r. He came every night to eat our barbecue and stayed longer so we can have chat each other. Last night while waiting for Albert to come from working on other stuff. My friend Jay-r came over and started a conversation its about 10:16 pm when he ask this question.

”Hey Jomie, can I ask you something personal?” Jay-r said.

“Yes of course.”

“Do you get paid of working here at the store?”

“What do you mean? Salary?”

“Yes your salary because you work here everyday?”

“Nothing! You dont recieve salary from your family. Right?” I said.

“Yeah right but are they your family?” He’s curious.

“They are not my family in flesh,” I explain to Jay-r, “but they are my family in the faith, anyone who is a disciple is a part of Jesus Family.”

“So what is that a religion?” He ask

“Nope! We are disciples of Jesus.” I said.

“What is a disciple anyway?” Looks like Jay-r is ready to become a disciple.

“A disciple is the one who follows Christ, denied himself and live amongst others, also a disciple is the one who makes disciples.” I said.

“So you mean that what you said is not a religion?”

”Exactly, Jay-r” was my reply.

“Then why is it that there are so many religions going on here, I’m a bit confuse of what is the right of them?”

“I understand you are confuse and have many questions, I tell you that’s pretty normal for an unbeliever because he is lost. I will not answer your questions instead I will make you a disciple of Jesus. Do you want to be a disciple?”

“Yeah, maybe” he replied.

“I tell you the truth, Jesus has already saved you two thousand years ago and paid for your sin on the cross, He sacrifice His life for you, for me, for all of us so that we can have life. He give his life for us to have our salvation, Do you believe in this?” I ask.

“Yes I do believe”

“Then repent of all your sins and be baptize that’s one thing that must be done when we follow Jesus Christ. Repent of your sin meaning leave your sin and sin no more. Then after you repent you will be baptize meaning you must be born again, burying your old self, your dead spirit because the bible says “for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life” meaning you’re dead not physically but spiritually that’s why when we pray to God we cannot hear His voice and our prayers are unanswered because we are dead in His sight and in order to raise you from that deathness you need to be baptize.

“So the question here is. Do you want to get baptize after you repent from your sin?” I ask

“Ahmm. baptize? you mean right now? Jay-r said with a worried feeling.

“Yes right now!” I replied.

“I don’t think so maybe not now, I’m not ready.” He said

“Why are you afraid of? Now that you know that Jesus has already saved you long ago you refuse to be baptize?”

“Yeah I know but i’m not ready yet Jomie” he said.

“Jay-r, the bible says. ‘Anyone who has not been born again cannot enter into the kingdom of God.’ But on the other hand, it tells that ‘If anyone is in Christ He is a new creation! So meaning if you want to follow Jesus you must be baptize.”

”Well if that so maybe next time” he said.

That night he refuse to get baptize so I cut the conversation its about 12:02 o’clock in the evening and just exactly Albert came then Jay-r went home. In the middle of the night I wake up and ask God why this guy didn’t want to go into baptism but God was silent.

The next morning as I did my normal routine at the house making a spider decoration made of coconut parts to be displayed at our store shop, I shared the story of what was happened that night to a disciple named Manman who just transferred next door to us to live kingdom life together with everyone. As we talk, suddenly Molong came in silent and sat beside us while I kept on telling the story.

Then I ask molong, “So, there are really people who are like that. This Jay-r didn’t want to get baptize yet believes anyway.”

“Don’t expect people to always respond to the way you’ve always wanted,” Molong said, “as long as you shared the good news to them clearly your job is done.”

(To continue reading our conversations visit his site at His version about this is entitled: Making Disciples is Not About You.)

To cut it short, here is what I’ve learned.

1. Jesus is part of making disciples, meaning He is present in the conversation. So don’t ignore Him.

2. Pause when making a person into a disciple. This gives him time to think and a time for myself to ask God while in the making. In case of Jay-r, I should have ask God directly and could have convince him to get baptize.

3. If the conversation gets tough let Jesus deal the person, again it’s letting Him speak and be a part of the conversations.

I remember my past experience in making disciples that God is indeed a part of the process. It’s about Him anyway! You can scroll down my site and read stories after stories of making disciples with the Holy Spirit is present.

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By the time we open the store we meet new friends and one of them is Jay-r. He came every night to eat our barbecue and stayed longer so we can have chat each other. Last night while waiting for Albert to come from working on other stuff. My friend Jay-r came over and started a conversation its about 10:16 pm when he ask this question.

” hey Jomie, can I ask you sometime personal?” Jay-r said.

“Yes of course.”

“Do you get paid of working here at the store?”

“What do you mean? Salary?”

“Yes your salary because you work here everyday?”

“Nothing!. You dont recieve salary from your family. Right?”

“Yeah right but are they your family?”

“They are not my family in flesh but they are my family in faith, anyone who is made into a disciple is a part of a family of Christ.”

“So what is that a religion?” He ask

“Nope! We are a disciples of Jesus.” I said.

“What is a disciple anyway?”

“A disciple is the one who follow Christ,. denied himself and live among the other , also a disciple is the one who makes disciples.”

“So you mean that what you said is not a religion?”

”exactly jay-r” was my reply.

“Then why is it that there are so many religion going on here. im a bit confuse of what is the right of them?”

“I understand you are confuse and have many questions, I tell you that’s pretty normal for an unbeliever because he is lost. I will not answer your questions instead I will make you a disciple of Jesus. Do you want to be a disciple?”

“Yeah, maybe”

“I tell you the truth Jesus save you two thousand years ago and paid for your sin on the cross, He sacrifice His life for you, for me, for all of us so that we can have ours, He give his life for us to have our salvation, Do you believe in this?” I ask.

“Yes I do belive”

“Then repent of all  your sin and be baptize that’s one thing that must be done when we follow Jesus Christ. Repent of your sin meaning leave your sin and sin no more. Then after you repent you will be baptize meaning you must be born again, burying your old self, your dead spirit because the bible says “for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life” meaning your dead not physically but spiritually that’s why when we pray to God we cannot hear His voice and our prayers hasn’t answered because we are dead in His sight and in order to restore that spirit you need to be baptize.”

“So the question here is. Do you want to get baptize after you repent from your sin?” I ask

“Ahmm. baptize? you mean right now? Jay-r said with a worried feeling.

“Yes right now!”

“I don’t think so maybe not now, I’m not ready.” He said

“Why Are you afraid? now that you know that Jesus has already you long ago you will refuse to be baptize?”

“Yeah I know but i’m not read yet Jomie.” He said

“Jay-r bible says. “Anyone who is not been born again cannot enter into the kingdom of God. But on the other hand, it tells that ‘If anyone is in Christ He is a new creation! So meaning if you want to follow Jesus you Must be baptize.”

”Well if that so maybe next time” he said.

That night He refuse to get baptize so I cut the conversation its about 12:o2 o’c clock in the evening and just exactly Albert came then Jay-r went home. In the middle of the night I wake up and ask God why this guy didn’t get into baptism But He was silent.

The next morning as I did something at the back of the house I shared the story of what was happened last night to a friend Manman. then suddenly molong came in silent and set beside us while I keep on telling the story.

Then I ask molong, “why this guy Jay-r didn’t get into baptism?”

He said  “Dont expect people to always respond to the way you’ve always wanted, as long as you shared the good news to them.”

“This time I learn things of how to make disciple,

:One,  Jesus is part of making disciple meaning He is present in the conversation.

:Two,  don’t talk too much let him think.

:Three, If the conversation gets tough let Jesus deal the person.

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I Did It My Way

Many people loves to share their successes in life or ministries but as much as they can hide their mistakes. This time, I want to open a page of my life that’s entitled: I did it my way!
This is not to praise my shortcomings but I only wanted to share my learnings. I learn today as we had coffee together with my father in the Lord, Molong he said that “we cannot win from our mistakes, no one wins. The only way to win it is to learn from it.”
Staying with the Ecclesia in Cebu for 6 years now I have become what Father wants me to be: a disciple maker. I have made many people become disciples of Jesus. I learned how to live also knowing many things such as cooking, sewing, gardening, repairing, appliances, welding, cementing, landscaping carpentry, painting, creating and innovating things. I grew up from not knowing how to hold a hammer to building house. And most of all, I learn how to value people, to love and to serve them, I learn family.
And suddenly, in between this busy-ness of a disciple’s life I was tempted by the ‘cares of this world.’ The devil whispered unto my ears saying, “What’s you future here? What if you got married? How can you help your family?” All these questions making me start worrying and gives me fear. I was not thinking of leaving but satan sends his messenger to enticed me to go with him to manila. Without hesitation, I left without asking permission to my family in Cebu. Everyone was shock when they called my name because it was time to for dinner but there is no Jomie’s voice was heard and so he cannot be found. To cut the story short I lost my connection, my relationship with them, everyone of them.
I spent my days and nights in manila working busy in a company but this time being busy but fruitless. No goals, no purposes, no life. After one wasted year I went back to Cebu. I was too ashamed, I was like a prodigal son but the only difference is that I have nothing to squander. The family in Cebu was gracious enough to accept me back to the fellowship. Forgiven me and start all over again. Another year had passed and here I am again did the same mistake but this time not going to north Manila but down south Mindanao. Still I left without notice! I have actually roamed around my country just to find my security in life. There I did what everyone normally do: work, earn, pay taxes, burn and die. My life was twisted and started living in the world and behaving like its own. I found out that north and south of my country has no difference. I did not find my security.
It was there I’m reminded where I really belong – in the middle of my country Cebu with my extended family. There the people loved me, and have took care of me many times. One thing in common between my two trips in manila and Mindanao is that no matter how I tried to make disciples I cannot do it, not even one person was made into a disciple. My life was so fruitless instead of fruitful, somehow whatever I do “ministries wise” but then I prove myself that I cannot do it, alone. I miss the joy of making disciples. I realized I am in a big mess. I regret. I repented.
I started asking myself about what’s my life purpose, how long can I stay with this kind of living. Every night I cannot sleep, I always thought of my ecclesia in Cebu and even dreamed about them. I was reminded how they loved me and took care of me specially my buddy friend and brother Albert. Things we do together  keeps on coming in my mind, this gives me joy in the night and strength to continue for the next days work. “What a wasteful days” I said to myself.
Well guess what! I decided to go back home, again. But this time I stayed with my physical family. I wanted to go back but I felt so ashamed because of what happened. I don’t know how to face them anymore. I don’t know how to start, not the life that I want but the life that I need. Then one day, Albert came to visit me and gave me a big hug and right there I knew that I needed to come back. Albert’s visit was a confirmation. My extended family is waiting for me.  Molong also arrived and he asked me to have a walk with him on the dusty road through the mountain not knowing where we are going. As we talk he rekindle the vision that has captured us: Making Disciples and Serving people and he reminds the place where I fit in and how important I am in God’s plan. To cut the story short I was back in the family doing what I am designed for. I was send then to places to make disciples. Particularly to Malapasua island to help typhoon victims bringing with house supplies. I made six(6) disciples there and it grew to sixteen(16) disciples.DSC_0594
I began my fruitful journey again! Now it has been a couple of months since I went there. So recently we go back with a team of disciples. We just got back the other night anyway. And here is the surprising result-you wanna know? One of the first person in Malapascua that I made into a disciple was happened in the boat, this guy is Christopher. He joined with us and shared about his journey of making disciples. He made two disciples! And this two are fourth generation disciples.
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Malapascua Journey

CYMERA_20130427_102401This is the second part of how we made the two tour guides into disciples of Jesus  on the  25th of April. Now if you have not yet read the first part of my story then you must read it for you to understand this story.

We arrived at the island dropping the house materials that we bought from the mainland Cebu. And while we’re waiting for our contact who is also the recipients of the materials that we bought, there came two persons approach us offering us rooms to rent and a boat to have a tour around the island. We started negotiating some workable rates. We came to know our contacts here because we’ve visited the island a month before. This time bringing some helps and there’s no way to fit in to their tent houses to sleep on. We brought our own tents and hammocks with us and needed at least one room for a family who has two kids with them. About a dozen of us went there.

Anyway, while we’re waiting we started making friends to these two guides asking them random questions about their life work and specially the recent typhoon crises. Terrible stories we hear. This island wasn’t visited by anyone from the main land for a month! Why? “We didn’t saw anyone from there going here,” the main land people said. “No boats floating around that’s working even here.”

“I saw it with my own eyes,” one commented, “this boat floats in the air and turn in circles and slam it down. Scary. This typhoon bring itself a demolition team!”

Some helicopter dropped food and water in that island. Everyone is afraid to travel here and there by boat. Not yet.

Ricky and Nippe, that’s what these two guys names. Wherever we go we make friends, this has become normal to us. Although we are aware of our main job which is to make disciples everywhere but we don’t just make disciples to anyone whom we don’t have relationships with. That’s the one thing that makes the difference here, unless he is a friend, then we don’t make disciples. We build relationships first, we’re good at it, and not for long we started making him into a disciple.

“Let’s make them into Jesus disciples.” I felt like the Holy Spirit is saying to me. And the best way for me to find out if it is the Lord Who is leading me is to simply obey it. Well, I always do.

“Ricky and Nipee,” I catch their attention, “since you offered us the place where we can stay and a boat for us to enjoy our stay here in the island. Now, I don’t have any gold or silver to offer but I  have Jesus in me that I can  give it to you.” I said.

“What do you mean Jomie?” Ricky replied.

“I will make you a disciple of Jesus.”  I said.

“Oh really!” He laughs hearing that, “are you a born again Christian? Because my wife is and she used to go to church every Sunday but I hardly go with her because I’m a pure Roman Catholic and I’m quiet busy of entertaining  visitors that come and goes to our island.” He shared.

“I will make you a disciple of Jesus, meaning it’s not about religion nor a group of born again Christians that I am offering you.” I stayed on the topic. “It’s about how to know Jesus Christ and what He did in our lives. A disciple is a person who follows Christ, giving up his life as a living sacrifice and not going to church every Sunday. Did you get it?” I replied.

“Yeah, but I’m quiet confuse. I don’t understand you” was his honest reply.

“You know Ricky and Nipee, it’s normal that you don’t understand of what I am saying because the truth is, your spirit is dead because of your sins.”

“Honestly Jomie,” this time Nippe started joining the conversation, “your words are totally weird and different but I am interested.”

“Okay, you know already as Catholics that Jesus Christ died for us on the cross. And He said, “It is finished” right? Meaning the salvation is already given to us. He already saved us (2,000) two thousands years ago. Do you believe in this Ricky, Nipee?”

“Yeah, we believe in that” they replied. You get these answers normally to Catholics here but they don’t know what does it really mean to believe. So, I continued…

“OK, so Jesus died on the cross because of our sin, you also died because of your sin. This is when your spirit is dead and cannot understand this but through baptism your sins will be forgiven. Your relationship with God will be restored. Your will be given a new spirit that will give change to your life. Just as Jesus died on the cross you also died with Him in baptism and just as He was raised from the dead you also raised up with Him in newness of life.

“Oh wait! wait! you are going to baptize me now?” he was surprised.

“Yes. I’m going to baptize you today. Don’t worry, it be so quick and fast baptism so that when there’s someone who is willing to be baptize you can do it yourself without me.”

“Well, if that is so then I will go home first and change clothing.” Ricky said.

“OK. I will wait here.” I replied. “And how about you Nipee.” I tool him to the point of decision. “Are you going to change your clothing as well ?” I asked.

“No need my cloths are fine.” Nipee replied.

So Ricky was running straight to his house and a minute later he came back. No one thought he’d obey that quick, not even myself. That day Ricky Rosales and Nipee Munterde was baptized and made into disciples of Jesus. We normally timed in, estimate only, on how we make disciples. It’s important for us because how quick or slow you are in making a person into a disciple determines how the next generation would do the same.

I baptized Ricky first, then he baptizes his friend Nipee (photo) for him to learn how to baptize someone when he makes disciples to his friends. So after the baptism I told them.

“You are now a part of the kingdom of God. We are not just friends but we are a family of Jesus. It means you are a part of my family and we are a part of your family.” Then I commissioned him to obey Jesus commands to make disciples saying, “Now, Lord Jesus commands us to make followers of Him just like what I did to you. Now make your friends disciples of Jesus because a disciple is one who makes disciples and obey God’s commands.”

They loved it because as what Ricky said, “I will not go to Church anymore because I’m tired of it and there’s no difference in the other groups anyway.”

He gets it!

Then I added “Now, here some good stuff from the King for you. Because you are willing to align yourself to Him. Your sins were forgiven. All of it. And you will have a new life, start living in Him. Remember, that you are now a part of the Kingdom of God. Welcome to Jesus family, you will have hundreds of fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, eve houses and lands and persecutions too! Be the church 24 hours seven days a week!”

After telling these things we head up to the room where they offered to rent. Funny how the Lord change them immediately. They wave their commission of the room half the price and later the boat rent more than half the rate (P1,700 to 800), even number of people that the boat can carry was negotiated (3 people is free) and more? Mask for swimming is all half the price!

All I could remember is Zaccheus, a change man immediately when Jesus made him into His disciple!



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First Disciple Being Made in Malapascua Island

I was sent by my extended family in Cebu to Malapascua island, with some groups from Cagayan de Oro who dropped some house materials for the family who were affected by the typhoon yolanda last November 8 last year. I went with them but my main purpose there is to find “house of peace” in the island. We spent two days and nights and (6)six disciples were made with different situations, locations and time.

As we hop in the boat going to the island I felt that there’s someone in the boat who need Jesus in his life. As we sat down on the boat with the crowd beside me is a young man of 19 years old. His face look down and I sense there was something going on in him. I started making him my friend.

“How are you?” I began our conversation.

“I’m good.” Was his reply.

“By the way I’m Jomie. And you are?”

“Cristopher” he replied.

“Do you live in the island?”

“Yeah I lived in the island with my parents.” He said

“We all know that your island was hit by the typhoon, where did you go? how did you survived?”

“Me and my family gathered around together in the house of my grandmother because her house was big and strong, that typhoon was the strongest typhoon since I lived in the island.” I started giving my ears listening to his story of courage. I became a friend instantly! Then the spirit reminded me to start doing my job.

“Can I make you a disciple of Jesus.” Looking at his eye and invited him intentionally.

“What is that? Are you a Christian or born again?” He responded with a religious question which I didn’t expect.

“No, no, no!” I said. “We are not ‘Christians’ nor ‘Born again’ groups. We are disciples of Jesus.” I replied. Being a ‘Christian’ here is first were Roman Catholics and the ‘Born Again’ were the ‘re-born’ Catholics. They both labelled as ‘religion’ and ‘denomination.’ I am Jesus Follower, I was made to be a part of the Kingdom of God. I have no experience of attending a church nor labelled as any other name except being a disciple.

“Oh really?” Chris was a bit surprised. “So what is that? Because I am a bit curious of what you are saying for that’s new to me!” He added.

“OK, we know Jesus right? And do you know that Jesus died for your sin on the cross and that He already paid the penalty two thousand years ago? Do you believe in this truth?” I said.

“Oh yeah. I believe in that. Although I just heard it now.” Chris simply said. I was amazed at this guy because I can really sense that he is ready to become a disciple. He never debates and so he keeps nodding his head. Believing in what I shared about Jesus.

“OK. Now the Scriptures says the wages of sin is death and all of us has committed sin right?” He agrees. In other words, you are dead because of your sin. It is not only Jesus was killed because of your sin. Your sin also has killed you. Means, that your spirit who communicates God Who is the Spirit is dead because of your sin.” Chris keeps nodding his head while listening to me. “When our spirit is dead it cannot worship God Who is the Spirit. Spiritually dead people cannot worship God. It cannot communicate Him as well because it is dead. Dead because of his sin. It is just like when you’re talking to a dead man lying in his coffin. He cannot hear you nor you can talk to him in a normal way because he is dead.”

Chris never stops nodding his head. I remember Jesus said that the harvest is white, means it’s overripe! What can you do to such a person like Chris? Would I delay the hour of his salvation by explaining God’s love longer?

“Now in order to give you a new spirit and your relationship with God with be restored you need to do something about what He’s done for you.” I lead him to make a decision to become a disciple now.

“What do you mean?” he ask.

“Well, because you believe what the Scripture says, what do we do to dead people like you?”

“If you mean ‘dead’ as in dead. Then you must bury me!” Chris got it so right.

“Then I will baptize you. This is a picture of your funeral. A sign that you want to stop sinning because He already paid for it. Just as Jesus died you also died with Him. And just as He was raised from the dead you also raised with Him in new life. God has promised you that He will forgive all your sins and will give you His Spirit to live in you. Do you believe in this?”

“Yes. I believe.” He said quickly, “But we can’t do baptisms right away because I need to go straight to the restaurant that I am working here.” Quite a timing that the boat that we are riding just landed on the shore. “I am a cook, so maybe we can do it tonight if its ok for you. I am checking out at 11 o’clock in the evening can you wait for me?”.

“Sure, I will wait for you then.” I replied.

The boat arrives at one and we departed ways. And in that afternoon also we made two disciples and baptizes them directly, this be part two of my story. Chris came back to see me that night with a big smile on his face ready to be follow Jesus. I hug him and without delay like ‘singing or praying or teaching him about baptism, not even reminding him of what I’ve said earlier that day’ I dunk him underwater!

As I check my watch intentionally, it’s 11:11 Friday evening, the 25th of April 2014.

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The Work of the Word

Its Sunday morning and were heading to the ollango island taking a pump boat that took ten (10) to fifteen (15)minutes to reach they island, with the disciples molong Nacua, Edelisa Nacua, Albert Pacquiao, and the couple Trevor Hartwig and Linda Hartwig, we bring some rice,cloths,and biscuits for the kids. 

We roamed around in the community with me is Albert and Trevor Hartwig walk for about a minute or two and found this old man named Olimpyo sitting under the shack with his grandson Mcdo eating his lunch while we look on his face of this grandson we found that he got plenty of wounds in his face so we started asking what happen then Olimpyo he got comvulsion its a kind of illness that you cant control you body it scream him out and he cant  even walk and his body found trembling on the ground and he was 16 years old he got this illness since birth that’s why he got lots scars and wounds. So we asked him that we prayed for him and we did but he cant speak well perhaps his grandpa allowed us to pray for him and after the prayer ask him what he feel then he said “nothing”.

So we started share with him the Gospel and ask him if he knows this Jesus and he no! i don’t know Jesus so we continued share with him the gospel until he accept Jesus and willing to be a disciple ready to be baptize. While in the other hand Albert had build a relationship with this olimpyo and prayed for his illness because he got a problem with his lungs he cant hardly breath so we prayed for him and Albert make him a disciple of Jesus that quick decided to be baptize in the well because he cant walk far then after baptizing him we followed mcdo’s baptism that quick. Then prayed the both of them to receive the holy spirit and held their illnesses in the name of the son Lord Jesus Christ and were glad of the reaction of mcdo because he’s now smiling and his face is getting gloom there is a big deference happens the body and a big change of his attitude he’s now speak well . Then we invited him to come and meet some of the disciples just next door.

So when we started gather around with new disciple mcdo and there this family who is a relatives of jonathan. Then molong ask them if they are already a disciples of Jesus and they said “no were not”  so I and Albert talk to them and make them a disciples for about five(5) to ten(10) minutes and baptizes them directly but before that while we share with them the Gospel and the topic was about baptism suddenly the man said “yeah I want to be baptize because I don’t have a baptismal, anyway baptismal is a kind of record were in it requires you to have that in order for you get an (NSO) that’s National Statistic Office and that’s another thing, a record that means registered person, and he wanted to have that because he was planing to marry his wife because they were not yet married and they have already  two kids. now that’s one problem that they shared with us then Albert tell them  “for you have that you need to followed the rules of this land and Albert give him some advises on how to get that baptismal thing and he added “the baptism that were going to do is not the same as you think because the baptism that we do here is for Gods purpose not the government purpose. the meaning baptism is burying your old body and your sin just as Jesus took our sin and buried it on the cross and as he raises up in three days you also raised up and receive a new life a new body because God will not repair your old life He will give you a new one who is righteous one that can hear the voice God and can follow Christ.

So they finally they agreed and be baptize in Gods purpose, by the way their named is Jerwin and his wife Irene Ramirez then after the baptism this one disciple Virginia whom her husband got paralyze for about 22 years and for that years he spent his life on a little shack and do repair with this pump boat engines. So the disciples gathered around and prayed for him and Trevor a story on how god works in his life and how He heals the sickness of his grandson and granddaughters and finally he make him a disciple and baptize him, and Molong take the obligation for him to buy a wheelchair and soon it well be sent to him.

Then going back to the house and ate lunch with the saints after that there’s three ladies came over wondering whats happening. then jonathan call me and Albert come lets make this three woman a disciples of Christ  so we sat on the ground and shared with them the Gospel then the two lady wanted to be baptize but the one refuses because she said” I don’t like the ocean” she said then we ask her why shes not responding so we took the two woman to the ocean and baptize them directly and prayed for the holy spirit and relieve them as one of the extended family of Christ, so seven(7) disciples added to the kingdom of God.

Then I realize that not all can receive the salvation of the lord Jesus Christ their are some who refuses it and denied it and said like they i’m not ready yet, how is that? is it evil trying to control them? what do you think about this Brothers and Sister? 

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household believer

I feel that it was time to visit in my brother’s place in Compostela  the next town going north of Cebu and since two months later had passed that I’ve been there. So i decided to visit then and Bring some food like chicken,fish, and some cloths for the kids and them.

I arrive at the house at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, probably lunch time but they had not yet prepared  their food and got some food to cook so I let Jecel my brothers wife to cook the food, and started to open my bag and hand them some cloths as a gift from the saints here in liloan.

They were very happy when I open my bag and hand them some cloths and very eager to wear it they saw me coming six kids of my my brother running towards me with a big smiling faces they will always love it when theirs someone like uncle or aunties visiting cant explain happiness of them while looking to their faces. “Truly the kids belong to the Kingdom of God” as the Lord Jesus explain it.

I started talking to my brother and cousin.

“So how are you here?”I asked.

“yeah were fine here i was just recently stop working from the company that i work because the that i sign was already finished so i need to stop and find some alternative job. as of now my only source is sailing some dry wood in sack and sailing it for 60 peso that’s about 1.2$ per sack” Ramel replied.

“how about you Jelson what is your job as of now?” i question a second time.

“well our closed neighbors hired me to be a care taker of his house and paid me a thousand peso for a month” he said.

“I see you been busy here”I replied.

As the conversation goes along suddenly my cousin Jelson ask me a question.

“don” He said, that’s my nickname. “anyway what kind of religion you have it feels like good to know” he added.

then I replied to him, “The life that i have is a kingdom life in which not all people can have’.

“oh really what is that anyway?” he asked.

while my brother just listening to us with the kids and his wife at the same time preparing the food. this conversation happen in the kitchen. I directly said to him.

“I will make you a disciple of Jesus first before I answer your questions  because you were dead in the presence of God and you cant understand  because your spirit is dead.”

“Oh really I’m dead but why? he ask.

“your dead because of your sin you commit sin and wages of sin is death that why Jelson” I answered .

“but Jesus Christ the son of God given us the salvation, he give his life so we can have ours, by dying on the cross Jesus paid the penalty of our sin and that whoever believe in Him will not perish but have eternal life, do you believe in that ?” I asked them.

“Yeah we believe”they answered.

“And do you believe that you are dead because of your sin?” I added.

“if that so then we don’t have the chose but to believe in you as you said.” Ramil replied .

“Sense now that you believe that you are dead and you believe that Jesus will give you the new life, I am going to bury you because your dead or else we smell stinky here right now!!” I said.

” You mean you gonna bury me really right now” Jelson insisted  “Can i think first maybe not now, maybe next time you  come so that i can think first hehehe”  He answered with kind of like afraid of burying him in the soil.


“Will as of now that you realize that your dead and that you are trying to negotiate me i tell you the truth i don’t negotiate with dead people I bury  them as soon as I can into baptism because their dead” I acquired .

“I thought you gonna bury me in the ground hehehe” he said.

“No I’m gonna bury you to the water and after that you will baptize my brother and then my brother will baptizes his wife?” I said.


“Will its good we have big basin i will put some water to the well” Jelson said.”

“that’s good idea Jelson while Ramil will help his wife prepared the food I will help you to put some water basin for baptism”. I said.

After baptizing them I pray for the holy spirit to come and entrusted them make disciple to the neighbors around them as I said to them.

“And now that you are a disciple of Christ you must make a disciple also like what I do to you because a disciple is the one who makes a disciple so this is your new job in your new life.” I added.Image0023

So we did baptize and pray for food symbolizing for last supper and have bonding together with the kids, from now on this family will be the light of this community and after that I also visited Jillian the one whom i made a disciple of Christ because the were living close to the were we live and encourage him shared some thoughts and ate together for dinner as his house. God is really amazing isn’t it! how this people touches their hearts. and now three souls added to the kingdom of God and now enjoying the benefits of being a disciple in the kingdom God.


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Too Much Gifts Except One!

“For all the gifts that we have givin’ to you I can feel that there is one more that’s lacking”

This is what I said to the family of Antolin Mundejar and their children and grandchildren on the days we’re heading to Daanbantayan and bringing house supplies like blankets and mosquito nets for the many families that are affected by the typhoon Yolanda. With the disciples like Molong Nacua, Albert Pacquiao, Jonathan lumapas, Roy Virtucio, Joy lom-oc, Gary Hawkins and his wife lodelyn Hawkins. We traveled from city to north Daanbantayan that takes 3 hours drive. On Arriving, we divided our team of 9 disciples into two bringing supplies and distributed it from house to house. I have witness the joy on their faces as they receive the gifts from us and were very thankful for it. We end up to the last house were about more than one families flock and live together in one roof and I started a conversation with them as we sat down together.

The story goes like this:

1482319_337597139716558_482437968_n 1501892_337597923049813_2102931850_n 1533511_337598386383100_414861928_n 1552746_337596103049995_1752765254_n jomie's baptism

“So before the typhoon came did you live in one house or you have your individual houses?” I asked the four family.

“Well actually these are my sons and daughters who are married already.” Antolin, the grandfather answered back. “I have 7 siblings 4 daughters and 3 sons. The four daughters were living closer to me while the 3 men who are married also was living far from us they chose to live to other province were their wives places are”

“My daughters have their own houses,” he continued sharing his story, “and has a kids. When the typhoon hit, each one of my daughters house were wiped out so they decided to stay in my house as a temporary shelter and I could not ignore or neglect them because these are my family but the thing that I worried is the food because as I counted we are 14 people here living in one house not including our newborn baby and my house is quite small that measured 8’x10′ and when its time to sleep me and my wife will sleep outside and because the house with a small table that they can use as bed while some of my married daughters will sleep sitting because they gave the space to their sons and daughters. It’s really sad for me to look at my family living like this.”

“I see, so how about the food that you’ve eaten everyday?” I asked

“Honestly its really hard for us like this time Jomie because the only source of food that I have is to go to the sea shore and find some seashells and small fishes because I don’t have a boat in which I could have catch big fishes, I am not doubting, someday I really wanted to have even a small boat. By this time our food from relief was already run out and and I feel sorry of my grandchildren because sometimes they going to sleep with empty stomach and I can’t help but cry why this things happened to us and I could not blame God for this. I don’t know how to get through to this calamity that affects my family. we’re just happy and thankful because you were there willing to help us gave us things like this now.” This sad stories came out from a grandfathers mouth with a teary eyes.

By this conversation his daughters and sons were silent.

“That’s why we came here,” I told them all, “not just bringing some, food, water, blankets and mosquito nets but we’re here because we want to share with you the life that we have. We want to share with you that their is hope in Christ Jesus we want you to know that there is a new life, a new way of living when you receive Jesus in your heart, when you give yourself to Him when you admit that the only way is Jesus alone by trusting him for all your needs.”

They’e were still silent.

“Now, I want to make you all a disciple of Jesus” I started stating my purpose.

“What is that?” Antolin said, while everybody started getting curious.

“I will make you a disciple Antolin, this is not a religion or any kind of religious stuff. I know you are a catholic, but what I offer is to become a Family of Christ and I’m inviting you to be part of it, I’m inviting you to the kingdom were Jesus is the King and we are His people. Does it sounds familiar?” I asked

“Nope” Antolin reply with a small voice.

“Ah ok, but do you know Jesus right? I asked

“Of cousre” antolin affirmed.

“Did you know that Jesus died for all your sin, and that He died once and for all? do you believed in that?” I asked

“Antolin just nodded his head”

“Do you know that the wages of sin is death and we all know that all of us commit sin and in that we are dead, our spirit is dead because of our sins and we cannot communicate to the lord unless our sin will be buried into baptism, only in this way our relationship to God will be restored. Do you know this?” I asked.

“Well, it’s all new to me. But can you continue?” He express some willingness to hear more.

“Ok, so do you believe that Jesus has saved you already two thousand years ago?” I asked

“Yeah, I believe.” He said.

“So now that you believe, are you willing to bury your sin into baptism and sin no more?”

“Yes, I believe and if that is so then I’ll  go  into baptism and buried my sin.” he answered. This is what I liked about making disciples to new people. They just nod their head, agree, willing. Because although they are dead in spirit and no way they can understand spiritual things, yet God is gracious, it’s the Father who draws them to Christ, and it is He who gives kindness to them that leads them to repent of their sins. Thus, salvation is God’s work alone, not man’s effort so that no one can boast! Let’s continue my making disciples journey.

Then I asked his wife and daughters because they are just listening.

“So how about you Charita and your daughters would you willing to be baptize the same as your father? Would you be willing to open your hearts to His offer of salavation?”

“Yes, we want to baptize the same as our father.” the daughters were willing!

“So, now that your willing to be baptize I would welcome you all now to the family of Christ Jesus. and I’m gonna call  up my brothers and sisters to help me baptized you all. I want you to meet them also because your family now will soon would become our family too.” They all smiled at me.

So while waiting for them changing their cloths, the mother told me that her one daughter could not come with us because she is sick and had an ulcer and she can’t walk far because of the pain. So I prayed for her and ask to come with us but she still refuses to come so we decided to go.

So the family of Mondejar were baptize and have become a part of the Body Christ.
That day 7 people were baptized.

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The Disciples who lived in the island is about 20 to 30 people including 2 households, we worry about how they grow their faith in God. Though we don’t have schedules like prayer meetings, bible study, Sunday school and Sunday services but they know that they have a pastor and that’s Jesus Christ. Unlike other churches today they all have those activities. For us, as new breed of Christianity, we don’t do religious stuff.

Our last visit was last year and after that we don’t know what happened to them, particularly Bible reading. Are they reading their Bibles? We were surprised by this disciple named Jonathan Lumapas who is a laborer on the pier, carrying baggages from passengers who might need help. and at the same he also studied to become a sewer and wanted to have a good job. because the wages of being a laborer cannot support their everyday needs.

Jonathan is the disciple made and baptized by his friend Joanna. Joanna was baptized by her friend Arlene who was baptize by his brother Albert and Albert was baptize by Molong. I, Jomie, was made a disciple by Albert also. Jonathan is the 4th generation from Molong and Jonathan baptizes many of his friends. One is Orlando, then Boboy, Kevin, Justin his brother in flesh, he baptizes his mother also and now his Grandfather.

Jonathan, in terms of who’s the quickest to make someone a disciple of Jesus, then he is one among others. He would just invite his friend or his family for a swim. And suddenly, he would said to them, “Come with me and I will baptize you!” And within 2 minutes at most, he just made a disciple. This guy never explained long explanations. This is also how he made his grand father a disciple.

AS Molong, Albert and I arrived at his house at 9 o’clock in the morning we found him sleeping besides their house lying on his hammock and we greeted each other.

“How are you? How was life going?” Albert ask.

“I’m fine, I am now working in a company as a sewer.” Jonathan replied. He works night-shift that’s why he sleeps during the day.

His mother came. Aznar was her name and she was made into a disciple on our last visit. We gather the saints and invited her and as she was listening on how to become a disciple she would like to be one. So, she was baptized then.

Aznar invited us to have lunch at her house, bought some fish and sea foods while she offer to cook their rice and root crops and bananas. We noticed that there’s an old man at the house, it’s Jonathan’s grandfather name Oking, his mom’s dad.

“Yesterday, I thought about you coming over but my cellphone has no load,” Jonathan say, “but on the night I received a text message from Albert that you guys are coming. Great, because I want my grandfather to be prayed for as he was sick. Keeps coughing and could not sleep, so he keeps on lying on his bed for days.”

It has been weeks that we keep “planning” to visit the saints in Olango, but was never push through. God can never again be put into a calendar! Only a day before we finally went that we felt like going as quick as the next day. So we felt that is of the Lord.

“Can you guys pray for my garndfather?” Jonathan ask.

“Well, make him a disciple first.” Molong said.

Jonahan went inside and told his grandfather, “We will baptize you!” We overheard him saying just that. Molong ask me to get inside the house and check what’s going on.

“Why are you going to baptize me?” His grandfather ask.

“For you to have a new life. And for you to be prayed for and be healed by you illness” Jonathan answered.

Then I added “Lolo Oking, did you know that through baptism you will be forgiven for all the sin that you have committed? Your sins must be buried in baptism so that you can have a new life. A life that comes from the Kingdom of God. Would you like to be baptize and be healed of your sickness Lolo Oking?”

“Yes I will.” Lolo Oking replied.

Then Jonathan quickly grab their big drum and bring outside and ask Molong if Lolo Oking would be fit in the bucket?

“Well, if we have no choice then it’s ok. We will baptize him in that drum!” Molong said.

So immediately we pitch water at the well close to their house. Albert helped us. After filling it with water Lolo Oking came out as he was assisted by her daughter Asnar. We put him inside the basin while Albert prayed and while Jonathan slowly pouring the water all over his body using a pale.

We don’t know why Oking agree to be baptize that quick, we don’t know until Jonathan shared it while we were in the ocean.

“I use to read my bible in the house, I read as loud as I can so that my grandpa can hear it until He got curious. And suddenly ask me a question about the verse that I read. And also my mom every time I read my Bible she would want to hear. Because my mom can’t read and my lolo love to hear me reading my Bible. That’s probably the reason why he just dicided to be baptize as quick as that” Jonatahn said.

Molong encourages them to live as lights of Olango island and taught Aznar, how to handle her husband to be convinced by her works and not just by her words sightiing 1 Peter 3. And how to be a witness to their neighboring houses.

When we came back home, we couldn’t found Lolo Oking. He already left the house twice that day. Aznar was amazed by what happened to her father. For days that he could not walk and keeps laying down on his bed and have continuous coughing, but now he could not be found! We all laugh.

“I ask him how was he after the baptism and prayers for healing,” Aznar recalled to us, “he said that he is fine now.”

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To the Saints of Olango Island

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